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Handouts for 13 October 2021: Banking and Personal finance.
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    Winter semester 2021/2022

      ♦ Dubicka, I. et al. Business Partner C1, Pearson
    Reference books
      ♦ Helm, S. Market Leader, Accounting and Finance, Pearson Longman
      ♦ MacKenzie, I. Professional English in Use, Finance, Cambridge University Press
      ♦ Mascull, B. Business Vocabulary in Use, Advanced, Cambridge University Press
      ♦ Emmerson, P. Business English Handbook, Advanced, Macmillan
      ♦ Longman Business English Dictionary, Pearson Longman
      ♦ Kozierkiewicz, R. English-Polish Dictionary of Business Terms, C.H. Beck
      ♦ Kozierkiewicz, R. Polish-English Dictionary of Business Terms, C.H. Beck